Marcelo Claure & Sprint The Right Approach To Customer Service

On June 29, Sprint sent letters to more than 1,000 subscribers, saying their service had been terminated because of their excessive calls to customer service. Shortly thereafter, Sprint launched unlimited data plans, one of the key reasons our family has remained loyal” over the years. And there are plenty of posts on message boards and forums about AT&T customers reporting bad service. And I again had the Sprint store representative explicitly confirm that the above important features would still be present on my new plan.

This solution to fire pain-in-the-neck customers is Accounting vs. Marketing; Pragmatism vs. Public Relations; and above all, it's a case of irony. Rather than get violent with the guy, I marched out of there and promtly called customer service” again to see if I could find some answers.

Turns out there is no Sprint phone that works on the nextel network. Over the last three years, Sprint has closed 99.9% of its complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), earning an A- rating for customer service. In the debate that raged on social media in the following months, some sided with Sprint's decision because it made economic sense.

When I have to spend 3hrs on the phone trying to get money credited back for services i was charged for and never requested or received, when I would like to be spending time with my daughter that's when I just flip and am no longer nice. Sprint customers would be pushed to upgrade to something new just to stay on the network,” Mill said.

I wish I had read this prior to agreeing to pay Sprint for that lack of service for two years. I want the $800.00 charge off my bill, I want all late fees taken off and I will pay my monthly bill as I was for Sprint the last years of being a sprint customer or I will leave sprint all together.

After connecting to a call center, perhaps one staffed by reps with foreign accents, one will probably be rushed into a quick and easy "fix" that may, or may not, solve the problem - since many call centers rate a rep's success by how many customers they handle in a set amount of time.

Be vigilant and ask how much the plan is AFTER the promotion ends, and remember it is not a contract” (with exception of any phones you purchase) they can change the pricing at will and do. In my case I was never even told the pricing I was getting was promotional, when I got a bill for two phones that was almost double what it had been they told me the promotional pricing ended”.

It should have been told to you in the store when you purchased your phone. If you buy a phone at one Sprint store, you can't take it to any other Sprint store for a return or exchange. This is not really a legal issue, but Sprint's lack of customer service may merit you dumping them until they can get their act together.

This was the third quarter in a row the company had a substantial loss of these types of customers. In the commercials, Mr. Hesse asks customers to e-mail him with complaints and to give Sprint another chance. About three weeks ago, I called the Sprint customer service line and complained that my bills were too high.

You found the Sprint customer service contacts on my consumer advocacy site and sent a brief, polite email to them. An industry watchdog has told Sprint to stop bashing Verizon's "unlimited" data offering. I have not been able to payoff my devices because telephone and I store representatives would not accept the payment.

Sprint has sent out an initial batch of letters notifying them about the transaction but Gleason said Sprint will soon follow up, detailing the timing of the network shutdown and the discount offers Sprint is making to draw those customers under the Sprint umbrella.

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